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  • Ways to Fight Mouth Infection

    Ways to Fight Mouth Infection

    Mouth infection can be prevented with good oral hygiene. Our diet no longer requires the heavy chewing effort we were once forced to use to eat a primitive diet. Sadly, this lack of stimulation leaves mouth tissues very prone to infection.

    1. Work your mouth tissues manually with a quality toothbrush. Use one with short, accurate bristles that allow proper movement, in a way that imitates the chewing action (no sideways movement).

    2. Limit brushing to very small nibbling motions with no sideways action whatsoever just as happens during chewing tough food. Even slight sideways will have an unnatural cutting effect on both teeth and gums. Most disease occurs in gaps between teeth and only the small up and down nibbling motions can enter the gaps, stimulate the tissues and clear the mass of bacteria known as dental plaque always providing we use a brush with short, therefore accurate bristles.

    3. Understand tooth alignment and shape. This knowledge is very important in making the right brushing motions.
    If you fail to open sufficiently when brushing inner surfaces, you won’t be able to access the gaps and reach the gum margin. Check that you maintain two or three finger width opening with other hand while brushing or check visually in mirror .
    If you fail to allow for the inward tilt of the lower back teeth then you will miss the gum margin. A tight gum margin is our natural defence against infection. Any infected tissue is sore and bleeds badly for about four days unless you avoid these spots but avoiding them guarantees more infection and more destruction of tissues, eventually including your jawbone. This has been the chief reason for tooth loss for fifty years and is getting worse .

    4. Understand the effects of poorly brushed teeth on general overall health. Tooth infection can result in:
    Shortens your life and lowers quality of life by a proven increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis even skin cancer amongst other problems.
    Loss of a baby. Expectant mothers may even lose their baby.

    5. Break the bad brushing habits. Expect on average three weeks to break a bad habit. One distraction when concentrating carefully has all the good work wasted. Keep seeing your dentist regularly. Seek confirmation that all is well. Good dentists use a periodontal probe to detect unhealthy spots..

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