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  • Eid Mubarak to Everyone!!!!

    Eid Mubarak to Everyone!!!!

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    Four Dental Tips for the Eid Holidays:

    1. Don’t crack nut shells with your teeth.
    If you are interested in nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will be aware that we are encouraged to eat nuts. Nuts have a high protein content which is good for the growth and repair of cells. However, your jaw strength should not be put to the test by cracking the hard nut shell. This can often lead to cracked teeth and gum damage.
    2. Avoid chewy & hard sweets.
    You may find that you will be offered sweets many times during the Eid Holidays. It is advised to avoid chewy sweets as the sticky substance can stick to teeth which can cause tooth decay. Some sticky sweets such as toffees can even pull out fillings! If you are eating hard sweets, you should allow them to dissolve in your mouth rather than chewing them which can cause serious damage.
    3. Use proper tools to open gifts and packages 
    We can all get very excited when it comes to opening gifts, in some cases people get so excited they tear the packaging with their teeth rather than using a scissors or proper cutting tools. It is strongly recommended not to use your teeth as this can cause chipping and cracking.
    4. Keep brushing.
    People tend to neglect their brushing habits over the holidays. It is important to keep brushing twice a day. It is always handy to carry a small tube of toothpaste and tooth brush in your handbag or briefcase. This way you can quickly brush your teeth if you are not at home. If brushing isn’t an option chewing on sugar free gum is the next best thing.
    It is always advisable to go for a dental check up every six months. To book an appointment please call 043938282

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    6 Food safety Tips For Eid

    You can follow some simple weight management tips and health goals that will keep you from gaining those unnecessary pounds.

    Start today: We can possibly not resist the yummy Eid delicacies. But a little prep before Eid helps. A week or two before the holidays, start eating more veggies and avoid food containing excessive oil, salt and sugar; so that you can go a little easy on yourself during Eid.

    Switch to healthy but tasty meals: Who wants to eat healthy during eid? No one! But you can make some simple changes in your cuisine! Instead of deep fried meat, opt for grilled beef steaks, roast meat or light fried meat.

    Be innovative: There are recipes available that are ‘zero-oil, and are equally yummy! Try different cooking styles and cuisines in a way that it doesn’t stop you from eating tasty food and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty.

    Savour the experience of eating simple: Now, don’t mistake simple with boring. But, instead of the clutter of many cuisines and delicacies, focus on what you can cook the best or what is your family member’s favourite choice. No one can possibly eat four main course curries and three different kinds of desserts.

    Be choosy: Pick what you really want to eat. Hogging onto several desserts will only make you pile up pounds. A same dish at different relatives/friends places can also be avoided. Eat little but, savour it!

    Pick smart: For the cuisines you want to cook, opt for low fat and healthy ingredients! Skimmed milk, brown sugar, low fat butter, olive oil can be some key replacements.

    This Eid Don’t deprive yourself from food, Eid Mubarak!

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